Litraco company offers imported weaners in weight of 25-30 kg from Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. The base price is given at the place of receipt from the producer: the weight:

– 30kg Denmark and Germany,

– 25kg the Netherland.

         Prices depend on the volume and current Euro exchange rate. Prices are updated every Thursday at 2 pm. Each offer for porkers is chosen individually. The order is completed within 7 days. We supply small and big breeders – each customer is significant to us. Delivery of 1,800 from the first ear tag whether 100 pcs is not a problem for us.

       We offer professional assistance at all stages of sale. Beginning with the selection of the best offer, stringent animals selection at the loading base abroad as well as the help with unloading it. There is a possibility to check information about vaccinating and health condition of the cattle in the system sus ->www.spfsus.dk.

         Litraco ensures the possibility of crediting of purchased piglets.

Clients are asked to contact us in order to prepare the price offer.

Tomasz tel. 0048 509 379 293, Wojciech tel. 0048 728 864 396, Michał 0048 502 258 698.